This weeks numbers:

Weight: 204.0 lbs (down -0.5 lbs from last)
Body Fat: 22.4% (down -0.6% from last week)
LBM: 158.3 lbs (up 0.8% from last week)

Well, I’m happy with this weeks numbers, and pretty much in line with my daily calories in & out average that I’ve been tracking.

Average Daily Calorie Intake: 2533
Average Daily Exercise Calories Burnt: 623
Current BMR (x1.2 factor): 2230 cals 
Daily Calorie Deficit: 320 (x7 = 2242 deficit = 0.6 lbs loss)

My average macronutrient split this week looked like this:  50% Carbs; 21% Fat; 32% Protein.  I’ll keep with the current deficit & macro split as I felt good and got good results.

Starting Monday is another taper recovery week so I’ll have to adjust my calorie intake a little.