The Liberty! Bicycles 12-Mile Summer Series is an 8 event mountain bike series in the St. Catharines area that goes bi-weekly from Wednesday June 1.  It’s a cross country course in the 12-mile creek area, approx. 15k long with a “LeMans” style running start.  So I signed up for this series to get my MTB fix, and it’s also a great anaerobic workout for the biking muscles.   😎

So the first race is tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM.  Since this will technically be my first MTB ride of the year, I plan on simply “riding” the course to get reacquainted with the nuances of XC MTBing. As the season progresses I’ll be pushing a little harder.  I have to be careful to avoid falling, or remember how to fall properly to avoid as much injury as possible.  🙄  😆

Got the bike all prepped last night, tweaked the shocks for proper preload, tire pressures, shifting, #142 number plate installed, etc. and everything seems good to go.

This will be the only pre-race post for the series, but I’ll try and put up a race recap after every race.