Another race I was under trained for. ūüôĄ ¬† ¬†It’s a good thing I did a little 45 min pre-ride the day before to see if I remembered how to ride a mountain bike..LOL

I parked at my buddy Shawn’s place which is only a few KMs from the start of the race. ¬†Unloaded, got prepped and biked to the event. ¬†Good way to warm up the legs at the same time.

When I¬†registered¬†a few weeks back, I signed up in the D1 Wave which is considered the “Moderate¬†Enthusiasts”¬†class, but in hindsight, I should of signed up in the C Wave. Also, after looking over the course map it was evident that there was plenty of road sections, which works to my benefit considering my on-road training. ¬†With that said I decided to start right at the front of the wave to get a clear shot at everything.

Once the horn went off, I was out like a bat out of hell. ¬†The first 1.5kms is on city paved streets so I pushed the speed big time….probably a little too much.

The extra weight I’ve added over the summer, and the lack of riding for the last 3 weeks certainly made things harder.¬† After the paved section, it went into a gravel road/path.¬† A handful of us had broken away from the rest, but I could tell I was already pushing too hard too early in the race so I started slowing down a little before hitting the single track.

There were plenty of challenging climbs including going up the Decew Rd. hill…TWICE!¬† Because I had pushed so hard earlier, and adding those 2 big road climbs, trying to maintain 30 KPH on the road sections was difficult.¬† My average in those areas probably closer to 27 KPH.¬† Total climb for the race was close to 1000 ft.

There were a few new single track sections that were really nice & challenging.¬† Then it was down the Hydro Hill section.¬† One of the sections of single track had a very rocky portion.¬† The speed I was carrying down the hill, I hit a few rocks fairly hard.¬† I was sure to get a flat front tire, but nothing…..until 2-3 mins later crossing a short field section I heard the dreaded…PPSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…down the front tire with only 5 kms to go….AAAHHHHHH.

I lost approx. 7 mins fixing the flat.  This could have been a little better if I had not forgotten to bring a tire wedge.

Once I got going again, I was stuck behind alot of slower people and given the last remaining 5k was mostly single track, I lost more time here also.

Overall though, the race was very well organized, trail well marked, good support, and great volunteers cheering everyone on.  Next year I will be better prepared with some hill training.

Official Results Here

Results Recap:

  • Official Time: 1h 59m 59s
  • Overall: 469 of 769 competitors (61%)
  • Age Group(M30-39):¬† 88 of 115¬† (77%)